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Our Team

Whether working in the USA or Eastern Europe, our team is our most valuable asset.
We are proud to have a viral atmosphere of like-minded partners, and we are all committed to active Transatlantic collaborations.


Simeon S. Stoilov is Strategic Liaison and Consultant, dedicated to enrich his present and future contacts in the USA and Bulgaria (European Union respectively) with international opportunities for development and growth across the Atlantic. Simeon is focused on initiating efficient connections between decision makers on distant and not so distant markets in a mutually beneficial manner, regardless of any sophistication and complexity. His vision includes collaborations in many aspects of life but he mainly focuses on long-term economic partnerships targeting implementation of innovative and advanced transition to sustainable business practices and healthy food production.
Simeon is proud of more than 18 years in Management and Operations of International Commerce and Services including 4 years of ISO 9001 standards Implementation and Auditing, and 5 years of a Diplomatic experience as Senior Foreign Official in the USA.

Managing Director

Man with Blue Sweater

John W. Kearns

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