SILO Bio Agro

We believe that every human being does deserve access to fresh and organic food.

We strive to make this possible.

We invest lots of time, knowledge and efforts to improve the quality of foods by helping farmers grow their produce cheaper and sustainable, to bring real food closer and to preserve the Earth and her natural resources for the future.

We will continue doing so relentlessly with innovations, technology and science.

We are the SILO Bio Agro.


Our Projects


Organic Fertilizer BIOHUMAX®

Produced by Nature to preserve Nature

BIOHUMAX® is a liquid organic fertilizer based on a Red California worm (Lumbrocum Rubellis) and Tiger worm (Perionus Escavatus) compost product.

BIOHUMAX® is created as liquid formulation (water extract), to help farmers avoid the inconvenience and problems of the direct application of Worm compost.

The product is a Certified Organic coctail, rich in humin and fulvin acids, as well as macro- and micro elements in helate (easily assimilated by plants) form, salts and minerals. Worm compost is suitable for fertilizing any soils.

BIOHUMAX® ingredients do penetrate the plant and affect it on a cellular level, humates raise the germination rate of seeds, accelerate plant development, stimulate ferment synthesis, increase resistance to drought, frosts and radiation, increase cellular energy, facilitate the formation of chlorophyll, vitamin С, sugar, amino acids, and other important structural substances.


Apiary (Beekeeping)

Delivering Eastern European apiary expertise to the USA and helping the bees population in the United States grow

We have developed plans to grow apiary farms in the USA and to bring European expertise in applied beekeeping as an enforcement for bees revival in the United States.
"Home made bees honey" and enough pollinators for the American crops are our essential goals.


The natural substitute for chemical fertilizers and fungicides

Austrian innovation and patented milling process makes it possible to supply farmers with unique mineral supplement for the plants and animals they grow.
The content of the preparation helps plants extend the time of photosynthesis; create resilient protection to enemies; flexibility to the stem and leaves and helps plants to a higher yield of higher quality harvest.
Animals taking Panamin have a bigger food intake, faster growth in wight, disease resilience and milk more (for diary cattle).


Science in Agriculture

We apply scientific discoveries and technology in agriculture

With a network of scientist and innovators we are committed to transform traditional agriculture to a more efficient and sustainable activity on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.
We empower intellectual achievements to improve the quality and sufficiency of food and nutrients globally.

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