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SILO Business Navigator

We can provide you with the relevant market research, plan you market positioning, make your networking, execute your legal and operational work, analyze your results and conduct your product development to the target market.

We can be your eyes and ears across the Atlantic Ocean.

We can be your compass and your driving wheel.

You are welcome to the SILO Business Navigator.


Our Services

Corporate Services, Consulting and Operations Handling

You are interested to run you business or your subsidiary across the Atlantic Ocean:

• Corporate registration,

• Legal and Tax Consulting,

• Shared or Designated Office,

• Patent and IP Legal Services or

• Other Operational Tasks,

we can make it easier for you by handling all of the above, upon your individual demand.


FDA Compliance and FSVP Import Procedures

You want to sell in the USA. You have a great and competitive product. You even have a potential customer. Then their first question will be "Is your product FDA compliant?".

In accordance with the FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) and the relevant FSVP (Foreign Supplier Verification Program), we partner with a team of highly qualified experts to provide you with timely services and to secure your contract deliveries to your American buyers.

FDA may detain without physical examination certain products from specific manufacturers or shippers. If for some reason your company's name is in the globally public "Import Alerts" by FDA, this means FDA will not allow your products get to the American market with the purpose to "Prevent potentially violative products from being distributed in the United States" - browse here. Such a ban on your company and products will affect all affiliated companies and individuals.

We have the expertise and capacity to assist you gain back your good reputation and end the negative public exposure for your company.

Do not put your business under jeopardy: let us do the compliance work for you!

Commercial Representation and Procurement

You have targeted a distant market and consider handing over:

• Corporate representation,

• Trade Agency,

• Market Monitoring and Consulting,

• Networking,

• Procurement,

• Custom made service package,

we are ready to take over your tasks and assist your business grow.

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