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Custom made data processing and analysis for you


We provide boutique consultancy with the goal is to helps clients across a spectrum of industries and corporate departments with data science projects.

We seek to support our customers by providing them with the best data science tools available for their projects, from start to finish.

Our capabilities include more traditional data science work in marketing like predictive modeling, clustering/segmentation, market basket analysis, and general data analysis.

We also work on more advanced and customized big-data projects.

In all of our engagements, we distinguish ourselves by applying cutting edge machine learning and data science techniques to conduct analytic work more efficiently and effectively. These techniques allow us to provide our clients with precise, statistically robust activation to help them meet their strategic goals. In addition, our experience with analyzing and processing large amounts of data allows our clients to more effectively target consumers and improve operations.

With high sensitivity to data safety, we provide our clients with flexibility in choices for data storage, data flow and data protection or we simply provide our services to the customers' safety models, rules and regulation.

We integrate all of our solutions and analysis with elements like data visualization and interactivity so that our clients can get the most out of our work.

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