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SILO Marketeers

You have a product and you need a partner, a distributor, a logistics operator. We can handle it for you in North America if you are in Eastern Europe and vise versus.

We are the SILO Marketeers!


Marketing a product requires a broad network of contacts. We can do networking for you, whether by sharing ours, or by making new contacts for you.

Our specialty is to service your sales tasks across the Atlantic Ocean.

If you let us know enough about your product and about your goals, about your dream customers and your wish list, we can discuss together how our expertise and network can meet your needs. We can be flexible in building the collaborative frame and together we can constitute a strategy that best suits your plans.

In the scope of our services we act as a wholesale broker and agent. We can be your broker and agent or we can be your one-time representative at trade shows, commercial negotiations, business transactions. It's all about the targets that you set. In our experience we have even build joint-ventures to service our customers best, because we strongly believe in long-term partnerships.

If you have confidence in your products, tell us more and let's work on this together!

we proudly represent
in North America

Items of unique character

All of Casyopea® cosmetic products, soaps, and candles are handmade. All are manufactured with love and care, mixed with unique aromas and ingredients, a gift from Nature. 

Casyopea® is against animal testing and use of animal ingredients.

After years of hard work and research, we believe that Casyopea® have finally created the winning formula of “Your Own Private Spa”.


only high-quality butter


only high-quality milk


only high-quality cocoa

Made by a Swiss recipe, Torfellini Crema Cacao is a high-class cocoa spread,  made for people who care what they eat and want to enjoy the exceptional quality and unique taste of chocolate and strong cocoa flavor!


We value quality and we know you do as well!

Feel free to get in contact with us and we can discuss the above or more products from our portfolio which would best fit your interest!

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